Samsung WF457ARGS - 4.5 Cubic Feet with Touch Screen LCD

Samsung WF457ARGS 4.5 Cubic Feet with touch screen
For you who want to seek different and modern washing mahine, this post is written for you.  Samsung WF457ARGS is a washing machine with touch screen to control laundry activity even from smartphone. It will ease your washing. It gives not only a great technology, but also a happiness because the clothes is washed clean. You will never disturbed with its sound because it's very quite.

The Main Features

1. Capacity
This is a big one. With 4,5 cubic feet capacity it meets with household needs.

2. Style - Front load.
As we know, the front load washing machine is the best choice for them who want to save electricity bill and water usage in the long term. Eventhough the price is exteremly expensive, it's equal to the quality.

3. Touch Screen
This is the amazing one of this washing machine. With 8" Touch Screen LCD, the touchscreen is very visible. You can take a look the following picture taken from amazon.

Speed Queen AWN412S - 3,3 Cubic Feet

Speed Queen AWN412S review
For those wondering what would be the best washing machine to fit the needs of your household and are baffled at the challenge of choosing from the vast range of varieties of the most distinguished and best quality top-loading washers, there is just one washing machine that stands out and that is the new Speed Queen AWN412S washing machine. This is one of the most durable, efficient, user friendly and top quality washing machines in the market today that provides its users with a number of utility saving features and the best cleaning output.


The Features of Speed Queen AWN412S

1. Capacity and Size
This wonderful household appliance comes with some of the best and most high quality features. The capacity of this washer is 3.3 cu weighing a 195 pounds approximately with dimensions 28 x 26 x 43 inches respectively.

2. Top Loading
It is fueled by electricity as most washing machines are and is a top loading washer. The name Speed Queen speaks for itself as this machine offers superior quality of washing and is the best to fit any kind of household.

Other Features

1. Special dispensers
It has its own balancing system which is automatic. It has a bleach dispenser as well as a fabric softener dispenser installed in the machine itself.

LG WT1101CW - 4,3 Cubic Feet High Efficiency

LG WT1101CW washing machine
The LG WT1101CW washing machine is a high performance washing machine from energy star that is made to be energy efficient and proficient in washing your clothes. Provided to you by Energy Star, you can assure that you are purchasing one of the most energy effecient washing machines in the market. Because this appliance is high efficiency, the price is also amazing. Save your time, your energy and your money with this fantastic product and get your clothes washed quicker and more diligently. You may think that you will spend much money with this one, but let's see in the long term. Enjoy the following reviews of LGWT1101 washing machine.

The Main Features

1. Capacity
A washing machine’s drum capacity determines how many clothes it can take in one cycle. The capacity of this high efficiency washing machine is a whopping 4.3 cubic feet of clothing. That becomes possible for you to wash towers of clothing because this washing machine will let you do more in less time.

Maytag Maxima MHW6000XG - 4.3 Cubic Feet

Maytag washing machine review
The Maytag Maxima is a front loading washing machine that gives your clothes a fast, wrinkle-free cleaning. Its cleansing power comes from its high-powered spin cycle; Not only does it blast away stains, but the Maytag Maxima's powerful motor shortens the length of time your clothes spend in the dryer - cutting back on all that costly heating and saving your time at once. The ability of loading this pretty washing machine can be 4,3 cubic feet which means you can save time washing your clothes in one washing. The color is awesome, your children will like it. Your house will be looked prettier than before.

The Main Features

1. Capacity - Gargantuan capacity of 4.3 cubic feet
This washing machine lets you clean your bulkiest items, like king sized comforters. Plus, more room means fewer loads. You can wash in one load or some loads as you need for your largest loads.

2. Front loading
Front loading washing machines are known to be more efficient, provide better cleaning, and use less water than their top-loading counterparts.