Panda XPB36 - Small Compact Portable with Spinner

panda xpb36 washing machine reviews
One of the best Panda washing machines is Panda XPB36. Panda XPB36 is created for them who live in dorm, small apartment or condo. It's also a perfect washing machine option when you travel. The Panda XPB36 compact portable washing machine can also be perfect solution of your laundry when you are in a campground.

It comes with spinner. It makes your washing easy, simple and quick in one place. The fine quality and one-year warranty also ensure that you gain the best appliance for your needs. The ease of use, portable, compact, lightweight, designed with one side of washing, one side of spinning, spin RPM of 1300 are some features inside it.

The Main Features

1. Washing Capacity: 6-7lbs/1 cu.ft.
The capacity is suitable for them who have little clothes.

2. Small, Compact, Portable, Lightweight
It is highly portable and has a small and compact weight (28 lbs). It ensures good mobility of the washing machine to move it from one location to another location. You can take it into your car when you travel or have a campground. You can also place it in your dorm. It matches for them who are still student. Visit Angela B review.

3. Top-loading
A top-loading washing machine is really easy to load, users don't need to stoop to put the washing in. It's also cheaper than a front-loading washing machine.

Other Features

1. One side of washing, one side of spinning
You can both wash and dry clothes at a place together. The function of the spin dryer will help you for drying solution. The spin dryer can load 3 - 3,5 pounds (half of the washing capacity, you may spin twice) and spin until 1.300 RPM. This is an impressive value to make clothes nearly dry. This is also the special thing of Panda XPB36 for them who need their clothes dry faster. Small, yet powerful.

2. Low power consumption
The machine has a low power consumption of 120 watts for a considerably high spin RPM of 1300. The best RPM is 1700. With low power consumption, you will save bill electricity without reducing the performance of the washing machine.

3. Transparent lid
The machine comes with a transparent lid at the top. This feature will ease you to monitor the machine while washing the clothes remains in progress.

4. Easy to operate
Besides easy to carry, this Panda Product is also easy to operate. You just spend a little energy to fill the water tank and set the timer as needed.

6. One year warranty
The washing machine comes with a one-year warranty. Your machine will always be fixed for free from the manufacturer or even get a replacement machine in case of a manufacturer’s fault being detected during the warranty period. This warranty is for both the washer and spin dryer.

What do customers say?

Since its release into the market early this year, it has displayed that the potential and the quality of the product have brought it into your laundry room. First, it’s a low power consumption gadget with a spin power of 120watts and a spin RPM of 1300. To most users, this low power consumption is a great plus that can never be ignored. Consequently, most users rate this product as best choice among other washing machine brands.

Secondly, it occupies less space and most consumers recommend its usage in apartments and other residence area with limited space. Additionally, the customers have so far indicated that the spin dryer gives an excellent service in drying clothes.

On the flip side, to some customers, the small sized dryer is less efficient especially whenever many clothes need to be dried at a time. In their opinion, if this can be modified into a larger drying area, the machine could be better and more efficient. Additionally, some customers have indicated in their product reviews that the product is less efficient on removal of some stains such as red-wine stains. According to product-use-satisfaction responses, this product remains an excellent brand in the market in spite of its shortcomings.

Purchase Advice

Following the excellent ratings by customers since the under-a-year existence in the market, the product is worth your money. Therefore, it's recommendable to try out this brand and join the market leaders in washing machines. Join the leaders by purchasing from Amazon. You can get this Panda XPB36 washing machine for $169.99 on Amazon. Check it out.

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